Matsumoto Castle, National Treasure of Japan
Collections of Matsumoto Castle

Collections of Matsumoto Castle

Warning involving the documents below

Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited. If you would like to view the documents for investigation purposes or would like to use them in the media, please contact the Matsumoto Castle management office directly.

Illustrations of the castle town

This is the illustration of the Matsumoto Castle and its surroundings, drawn in the Edo era.

The famous treasure of the Toda clan

This is a treasure donated by the descendants of the Matsumoto Castle lord. The Matsumoto Castle Maintenance Office is in possession of these items.

The Akahane collection

In the castle tower of the Matsumoto Castle, there are matchlock guns and equipment on display. (Items on display may change)

Historical documents of the Matsumoto territory

In the Matsumoto Castle management office, there are historical documents about the territory that the castle lord had governed.


Historical photographs and documents concerning the Matsumoto Castle

A large-scale maintenance of the Matsumoto Castle was done twice; the maintenance in the Meiji era (1903~1913) and the other in the Showa era (1950~1955). This is a collection of the photographs and documents during that time.

The blueprint of the reconstruction in the Showa era

The blueprint of the reconstruction done in 1950~1955. The letters "竣功(Shunkou)" means that this is a completed blueprint of the reconstruction. The letters "実測(Jissoku)" means that this is a blueprint made based on.