Matsumoto Castle, National Treasure of Japan
Castle environs, Matsumoto

Castle environs, Matsumoto

Matsumoto is a city with a castle in the center and the city was planned around this central point.

Complicated structures of streets, such as T junction called "kuichigai" which is a staggered formation of junctions, "kagi no te" which is the examples of a key used to open traditional Japanese warehouse made of dried soil, are characteristics of the castle environs. Matsumoto is known to have a lot of one way streets and narrow roads and so on. This is a living part of history.

Enjoy the feel of the history and a walk of the castle environs.

Cityscape of castle environs, Matsumoto

  • Honmachi Street

    The main street of castle environs Matsumoto which is at one point of the junction of Zenkoji Street and Nomugi Street. There is a legend stone called "stone to tie a cow" which is known to be used to tie a cow at the age of civil wars when the area of Kai and Shinano had a problem having a lack of salt and an enemy party of Uesugi sent them salt by cow.
    This street nowadays has many shops such as a shop with plates and interior design shops, sport shop, boutique, kimono shop, restaurants etc.

  • Daimyocho Street

    There is a otemon in the north sensaibshi, Daimyokoji from there to the castle, was the home area of retainers. After Meiji Period, a police station and a bank were built. An avenue of trees called Shinanoki was chosen by Ministry of the Environment as one of the "top 100 of Kaori".

  • Nakamachi Street

    Warehouse with earthen walls Like the landscape dating back to the Nakamachi Street. The town which has a simplistic style of black and white gives people the peace of mind and reminisce. This simplicity perhaps makes people feel the warmth. The hall of warehouse "Nakamachi Kurasic Hall" is the main center of the Kuranomachi and Nakamachi. Takasago Street, the road south of Nakamachi Street, has many doll shops and people can enjoy the charming character of the town by walk.

  • Nawate Street

    A long moat like a rope located between two water, Minami main moat and Metoba River, the name of the Street became Nawate. The street remains of the castle environs during the Edo era. You will see and enjoy over 50 shops with examples of a traditional toy shop, antique shops, traditional candy shops, restaurants.

  • Isemachi Street

    Isemachi was the west entrance to the castle environs. Now the street is the place to explore new trends for fashionable people and enjoy popular clothes shops, hair salons and restaurants.

  • Metobagawa (Metoba River)

    Metobagawa forms part of the most as a defensive barrier to Matsumoto castle. The river divides a town of the town people in the south and the samurai residence area in the north.

Let's walk around the castle environs.

After visiting Matsumoto castle, let's walk around the castle environs.
There are many aspects in this area including rea of samurai, a town of the town people and temples.
There are four courses which you can slowly wonder around.

Let's get to know the castle environs.

When and how Matsumoto's North to South linear castle environs were built.
Now you are able to learn more about its history, origins and how the town acquired its name.