Matsumoto Castle, National Treasure of Japan
Event Information

Winter events


  • PlaceNational Treasure Matsumoto Castle Honmaru Garden and Matsumoto Castle Park
  • DetailsIn order to protect the plants, such as Ogasawara trees, peonies, pine trees, and Kirishima azaleas, from the heavy snow, "Warabocchi" and "Yukizuri" are done.
    It is a well-known feature of winter poems.

Decoration of Kadomatsu

  • PlaceIn front of Kuromon Gate (Second gate) and Taiko-mon Gate (Second gate)
  • DetailsIn order to celebrate a new year and wish for a safe year, a big kadomatsu is put on each gate.

Susuharai, Decorating Shimenawa

  • Place3 places: National Treasure Matsumoto Castle's castle tower entrance, Kuromon Gate, and Taiko-mon Gate.
  • Details30 staff members clean the dust on Taiko-mon Gate, Kuromon Gate, and the castle tower for the year.In addition, Matsumoto Kojokai and the staff decorate a hand-made shimenawa.

National Treasure Matsumoto Castle New Spring Celebration

  • DateJanuary 3rd
  • DetailsAn annual event to celebrate a new year.When the drumming of Kojo-taiko starts, Gate's doors are opened.
    Japanese sweet sake is sold for the first time of the year. Moreover, there is a lottery is supposed to be held where you may win some Japanese traditional goods.

The National Treasure Matsumoto Castle Ice Carving Festival

  • PlaceMatsumoto Castle Park
  • DetailsAs part of the winter festival, "Sawayaka Shinshu Matsumoto Festival", there is a various event with a backdrop of National Treasure Matsumoto Castle.
    ・"Jumbo Slider" set up
    ・Shinshu Matsumoto hotpot festival, etc.

Cultural Property Fire-safety day National Treasure Matsumoto Castle Multidiscipline Fire-fighting Training

  • DateJanuary 26th
  • PlaceNational Treasure Matsumoto Castle's castle tower and Honmaru Garden
  • DetailsThere was a fire on January 26, 1949, which burned the Nara Horyuji Kondo Mural. This fire was the impetus to establish "cultural property fire-safety day" in 1955, with a theme of, "Pass down cultural property to posterity."
    Since then, at this time every year, there are cultural property fire-safety activities all over the nation in order to preserve important cultural properties from fire, earthquake, and other disasters. These activities are also used to spread the idea of protection of cultural properties.
    Multidiscipline fire-fighting training is practiced at National Treasure Matsumoto Castle.