Matsumoto Castle, National Treasure of Japan
Castle environs, Matsumoto

Let's walk around the castle environs

Let's walk and enjoy the atmosphere of the castle environs.
By seeing and learning from different angles, let's enjoy the castle environs.

Suggested trails

  • East trail

    Starting from the Taiko Gate, you can enjoy the town of town people.
    You can enjoy the only temple with 10 kings in Juo hall in Esashi-machi among the four halls which was located at each entrance of the compass to the Matsumoto castle environs. You can also enjoy the prefectural treasure,

  • West trail

    From Ninomaru to the west moat, you can enjoy a walk from the town of town people to Matsumoto Shrine which is located in the North of the castle.
    The walk of the west moat which mounds of earth from digging the most outer part of the main moat can be seen, Rokku where samurai walked, and Takajo-machi where falconers lived.

  • South trail

    From Daimyo-cho to Ote-mon Gate, you can enjoy the popular destination of Nawate and Nakamachi Street back to the east gate.
    You can see the complicated structures of the streets such as T Junction and the staggered road. You can also enjoy the well which is used by people regularly.

  • North trail

    From Taiko gate to Ninomaru Palace you can enjoy the samurai houses.
    You can enjoy the house of Takahashi family which is a samurai residence, a house of the first mayor of a Matsumoto city, Yorinaga Ori and the house where Yasumasa Fukushima, a former general in the Imperial Japanese Army.