The legend of the tilting Castle

Ten thousand farmers, along with Kasuke Tada showed up at the Matsumoto Castle to ask for a reduction of annual tax.The frantic samurais tired to settle this problem somehow.They accepted some of the demands of the farmers, and gave them a piece of paper with the details written on it.However, the farmers including Kasuke Tada was sentenced to crucifixion for creating a hassle.

There were many people at the location where Kasuke was about to be crucified: they were praying, screaming for mercy, and eventually everyone was crying out loud.”I am happy that your annual taxes will be lowered. I will die in peace. Farewell,” Kasuke said. But someone in the crowd told him, “Unfortunately, the paper with the details of our promise was taken away by the officials when you were placed in prison.””2 To 5 Shou (units of volume), 2 To 5 Shou, 2 To 5 Shou,” Kasuke screamed in anger, and glared at the castle tower with bloodshot eyes.Suddenly, with loud rumblings of the earth, the castle tower tiled to the west.

Indeed reconstruction was done to fix the 30’s of the Meiji era.Yet this was not because Kasuke glared at the castle tower, but because the main pillar in the foundation had rotted.The legend of the tilting castle was created in the Meiji era.