Matsumoto Castle, National Treasure of Japan

Spring events

  • The 18th "Nighttime Cherry Blossom Viewing" at the National Treasure Matsumoto Castle

    April 13th (Thu.) – April 20th (Thu.)

  • The 10th "Corridor of the Light" - a row of cherry trees at Matusumoto Castle

    For 10 days starting on the third day after an announcement by the management office that cherry blossom season has begun.

  • Urasenke Tanko-kai Spring Tea Party

    April 16th (Sun)

  • Spring Special Opening of Taiko-mon Gate to the public

    April 15th (Sat) – May 7th (Sun), 23days

  • The 8th National Treasure Matsumoto Castle Matsumoto Domain Old-fashioned Gunnery Exercises

    April 29th (Sat, National holiday)

  • Shinpa Seizan Syle Outdoor Flower Arrangement Exhibition / Tea party - Anniversary of the municipal system of Matsumoto City

    May 1st (Mon) - 7th (Sun)

  • Sekishu Style Matsushiro Ikei kai Tea Party

    May 3rd (Wed, National holiday)

Getting to Matsumoto Castle

  • webcam

  • The story of Matsumoto Castle, a national treasure
  • Google Street View
  • The Legend of Matsumoto Castle
  • Volunteer Guides